A Letter from Rob


Our story begins in 2003 when we re-established Warp skate park under new ownership. This idea was simple. Give kids a safe and positive place to go where they could be themselves in an environment that was made for them. No outside BS to distract them from doing what we all love - Skateboarding and making music. In our efforts to build a team and to show the industry what the Midwest had to offer, we did some amazing things in a short period of time. We won the National TOP SHOP team competition back to back years and our team was the youngest competing with no skater over 18. We have 3 skaters who have reached the professional level in skateboarding and several who are pushing the top tier in the amateur ranks with a great shot to be pros in the future. We created the “ShredFest” contest series and hosted more than 90 contests over the years. We built a “skate-able” stage in our park so we could host all ages music events in a controlled environment where young people could go and enjoy themselves. Throughout the years, we also hosted over 100 rock shows and concerts.

Using our experience with young people, paired with the sudden and harsh reality of some huge social issues we face, I was forced into action. With the suicide (39 in 2017) and opioid (77 in 2017) epidemic killing at a alarming rate, I knew what had to be done, and Warp Corps was born. We feel that prevention is the key to get out in front of the issues with love, compassion, and understanding. I believe that tapping into people’s organic passion in life we can chart a path to a happiness, free of these issues that KILL. Our ethos is simple: Live, Learn, Love, and Lead... If not us? Who? If not now? When?

Warp Corps’ Mission is to open and operate a facility here in McHenry county for the prevention of suicide, opioid abuse, and substance abuse for the next generation of youth facing these realities. Our programs are inclusive to everyone and meant to help this generation. We all know right from wrong, but the lines get blurred under the various influences we all face in America today. From bullying, to pressure on social networks, and peer pressure we sometimes need help to battle everyday just to get through. That’s what we are all about. Open, loving and supportive for everyone in our community. We have the “BIG 3” Art/Media, Music and Adventure Sport as our starting point to engage and help prevent people from even going there. We have all done crazy things in life, and I for one am lucky to be alive right now to enjoy this opportunity to do my part for the community. We need your support on every level to make this program work and impact the lives of the people we love and care about. Our kids! Our Future!

Thank you.

Love and respect,

Rob Mutert