“We New Directions Addiction Recovery Services have long fought the substance abuse and mental health crisis that is affecting our community. Warp Corps prevention through engagement programing and facility is a critical component to the big picture solutions for combating these issues that keep killing at an alarming rate in every community.

Warp Corps agenda and their programming are the next piece of the puzzle that needs to be implemented to take the step in reducing the number of people who even start down these paths of destruction and death. Prevention programing is also a vital link to work force development and creating healthy lifestyle choices. With clear heads and sound bodies people are better prepared to make better choices for themselves, families and communities.

We endorse and support this program and the funding request to get this pilot program operational in McHenry County, Illinois.”

-Christopher Reed, President of Northern Illinois Recovery Center

“[I] offer support and endorsement to Rob Mutert and his organization, Warp Corps.  Rob is a dedicated and passionate leader.  I have seen him design and develop this model prevention program from the ground up using his experience and considerable skills both with kids and organizations.

We need all the help we can get with addressing the issue of drug abuse and Warp Corps unique approach, both programming and facility is a much needed addition to our array of services.  We hope that funding can be made available to support this program.”

-Rick Atwater MS LCPC- Director, Behavioral Health Services"

“I just want to say thank you [to Rob] for teaching me early on what a leader should look like. And I say leader, not manager, because the world needs leaders; People who are passionate about helping and developing positive and productive individuals. You taught me to work with others at a team and not just a team but a family. FWW/MB is family. Your family played an enormous part in my life. I am now a superintendent at a Chrysler supplier of interiors dashboards etc for the current Jeep Cherokee in production. I manage approximately 9 assembly lines 300 employees 6 supervisors 4 quality tech’s a liaison and 4 process tech’s that run a department of 22 ejection molding machines and a shipping receiving department. You gave me the opportunity and the confidence to take on the challenges that carried me through my life. It was not just your leadership as an owner but a friend a father and a role model. I see you still carrying on as this man and it makes me feel extremely fortunate to have worked side by side with you and our FWW family. Thank you, brother. God bless you and your family.”

–Art Trevino, Belvidere, IL

“Thanks Rob Mutert… you were my first coach ever! You coached us kids and stood as a great role model as well for all of us! I still have so many great things I keep with me in life that you taught us! I remember when you put me on your skate team. It was an honor to rep with MB WARP I will never forget those memories!”

-Sarah (French) Jordyn, Women of Boxing winner